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Save My Favourite Places App



Download or Create interactive brochures of your favourite places, businesses and people.

Instant access to your interactive brochures from your device - no internet needed.

Share and pass brochures to your friends and family

Create Plans & Itineraries of your trips, events and projects


Loca Bonza App Save Your Favourite Places



Found a great business or service provider you love?

mobile phone app



Make sure you keep their details handy, on your mobile device, in one convenient place.

Save the Business or Service's details you want to remember in your Local Bonza App!

Business Name - Phone Number - Email - Location Address - Description - Photos - Current News & Offers, Employees, Top Products, Instant SMS, Instant Email.

Have your favourite places available off-line when you need them.

Recommend and send your favourite business or services details to your friends & family.

Keep up to date with your favourites news & offers.


Download the free Local Bonza App today

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  • Found a reliable tradie - save their details to My Local Bonza List
  • Found a grouse restaurant - save their details to My Local Bonza List
  • Found the best hairdresser - save their details to My Local Bonza List
  • Found a tasty bakery - save their details to My Local Bonza List
  • Found a fabulous gardener - save their details to My Local Bonza List
  • Found an understanding pet carer - save their details to My Local Bonza List
  • Then pass the details of your Bonza Favourites direct to your Friends & Family (device to device)


Sick of "yet another bloody app"

Local Bonza Brochure


Easily retrieve business details from this all-in-one convenient Mobile App which is permanently on your phone.

Un-clutter your mobile from 100's of unused hard to find Mobile Apps - All your local preferred businesses and services saved in one convenient place.

Free up your device memory from multiple un-used Mobile Apps

- Add your own notes to the business or service details.

- Rate the business or services.

- Share recommendations with your friends and family by passing your brochure to their devices.




Create Bonza Plans (or Itineraries)

Bonza Plans Itineraries

 Easily create Bonza Plans (or Itineraries) of your projects, trips or events.
Organise your visits or meetings at the touch of a button.


Going on a Trip - Create your trip itinerary - places to visit, hotels, stop overs, restaurants - all easily at hand in your Bonza Plan. Instant access to contacts, maps, notes etc


Got a Renovation Project - Create a Bonza Plan of the suppliers you will use, the tradies your are engaging.

Visiting an Event - Organise all the people, stands or exhibitors of interest in your Bonza Plan - Maximise your time at the event.



Download Ready Made Brochures

Ready made brochures can be downloaded direct to your device.

For example, using your device - simply search for your favourite business, then click on the download button, or scan your favourite local business QR-Code.

The interactive brochure will download immediately.




Download the free Local Bonza App today

 Local Bonza App for iPad, iPhone App





App To Save Your Local Favourite Places

In a nutshell, the Local Bonza App allows users to find, save and share their favourite local places via a mobile device. The App allows a convenient way to either create your own brochure, or download an existing brochure to your device. You now have a permanent record of all your favourite local places, all details instantly accessible - even without a network connection.

Additionally, the ability to create Bonza Plans allows organising a road trip, visiting an event or managing a small project to be a breeze - keeping all the information important to that plan in one easy to reach place.

Keep in touch and be informed of news and offers from your local favourite places - all saved on your mobile device.

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